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Kirit Vora M.D. Practicing physician in Michigan is also 'almost' professional Landscape, Fine art Photographer.
When asked about his vision, he states that he likes to see grand vistas in Landscape and images that can be enlarged and hung on walls. 
"I want to share, " he states"the same emotion which I had, at the time of shooting at the grand site. I would like viewers to, hopefully, feel the same enlightenment that I experienced then.

Ideas behind my compositions

IWhen I am looking at a scene from the view finder in camera, I am always thinking about composition. There are many thoughts swirling in the brain at that Devine moment.
One of them, as an example is Fibonacci sequence or also known as Golden Mean, Phi, or Divine Proportion.
This law was made famous by Leonardo Fibonacci around 1200 A.D. He noticed that there was an absolute ratio that appears often throughout nature, a sort of design that is universally efficient in living things and pleasing to the human eye. Hence, the “divine proportion” nickname.
This ratio can be used in many ways to compose a photograph. Lightroom  even has a golden ratio overlay option when you go to crop on image. This way, you can line up a grid of the golden ratio to coincide with lines or points of interest in your photograph.

In this example you see the girl with Umbrella is right at the center of spiral as the picture flows.

Read more about Fibonacci sequence:


The girl under the tree on a river bank

Fibonacci sequence

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